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Financial Counseling for Engaged & Newly Married Couples

Tying the knot? According to a recent survey, couples argue about MONEY more than any other topic.

Having a third party present when unearthing financial information can be extremely helpful, and we’re here to help. Whether you’re engaged or newly married, we will facilitate a conversation between both of you to increase transparency and develop strength in communication surrounding your finances.*

What can you expect?

    After 1 to 4 sessions, you will:

  • be more focused on the critical financial priorities that matter to you both
  • understand your joint history with money
  • be in more control of your situation, regardless of what’s happening outside of your relationship
  • feel inspired and at ease
  • have more peace of mind
  • have a surprisingly increased awareness of your financial situation

Who is your counselor?

Mark Willis of Lake Growth Financial Services holds a Masters of Divinity and training in couples counseling; he is certified in PREPARE/ENRICH and is a best-selling author. A licensed financial professional, he is also a husband who practices financial conversations with his wife every single month. Mark wants to help you create a strong financial foundation for your marriage, so you can weather the ups and downs of life. He will provide practical tips and skills that you will need to effectively communicate with each other.

Session 1, 90 minutes, Virtual or face-to-face in Chicago, $175**
Introduction. We’ll discuss your stories, financial styles, and how it blends or clashes with your partner’s. We provide a safe context, where you can discuss these perspectives.

Session 2, 90 minutes, $175** (optional)
Detailed financial conversation. Bring all of your numbers to the table. We will discuss your financial history, your current situation and talk about possible future plans, dreams and goals.

Session 3, 90 minutes, $175** (optional)
Big Expense workshop. While weddings can be very happy, often they can be a time of intense anxiety and overwhelm. Let’s talk through the big expenses relating to the ceremony, honeymoon, moving homes, and other big plans. Learning how to maneuver difficult money conversations, while managing emotional triggers, is a basic skill that will serve you both throughout the duration of your marriage.

Session 4, 60 minutes, FREE! (optional)
Run the numbers. Build a financial plan for saving, investing, insurance and retirement.

*Not for you? Give this amazing gift to a worthy couple! Gift one or more of these sessions to your friends, family and co-workers! Email to get started.
**Can’t afford this? Bookmark or add a link to this page in your wedding registry!

We hope the best for you, and we’re excited for you as you embark on this new journey!